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Badger Maisel, Joebotics’ CEO, a lifelong tinkerer and self-taught software developer, began working on the BadgerBox as an answer to his own problem. An experienced software engineer, he knew he could write the software, but had very little experience with electronics. After months of trying to figure out the electronics by himself he had an epiphany; if the standard electronics breadboard were clear then it could be lit from underneath to show a user where to plug everything in and then ANYONE could create circuits while working on their projects.

This idea was the seed that grew into the Badgerbox. Knowing that a product like this could completely change the way Makers bring their ideas to life, by making electronics more accessible, Badger put his original project on hold and immediately immersed himself in the development of the BadgerBox and BadgerBoard. The end result is a revolutionary addition to nearly any tablet or laptop computer* in which a specialized magnetic enclosure pairs a clear breadboard with a computer display and connects to the computer via USB. The result is a system that takes users step-by-step through electronics prototyping. The pairing of a digital circuit schematic with a clear breadboard provides visual and contextual feedback, allowing the user to plug each component into the breadboard in real time.

The Joebotics’ team is thrilled to announce that, after 3 years of development, the BadgerBox will be ready to launch this September on Kickstarter.

We’re looking forward to building a unique community of tinkerers, educators, makers, artists and technical wizards from ages 10 and up.

*=currently supporting android tablets and chromebooks with other operating systems to be supported later.

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